Suse Linux 10.1

Apt - Advanced Package Tool


Package installation by YaST and new zen-installer in SUSE 10.1 is slightly slow. For faster installation we can use Apt
We need next packages
This packages we can install by YaST or by mc place downloaded package and run install.
At first we must install apt-libs then apt at last install-apt4suse

After successfuly installation update source list.
install-apt4suse --update-srclist
Source list stored in file.

List of commands

apt-get update Updating the list of available packages
apt-get upgrade Upgrading packages
apt-get -s upgrade Show information about upgrading packages
apt-get -s install "package name" Show information about installing packages
apt-get install "package name" Installing packages
apt-get reinstall "package name" Reinstalling packages
apt-get remove "package name" Removing packages
apt-get clean Removing unused package files

If poblem with GPG

Change following in file
GPG::Check true;
GPG::Check false;

More informations on web sites

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