K3dRayBuild Class Reference

#include <K3dRayBuild.h>

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Public Member Functions

 K3dRayBuild (K3dGameData *_pGameData)
 ~K3dRayBuild (void)
void LoadRays ()
 Load rays from map file.
void DeleteRays ()
K3dRayObjCreateNewRayObj ()
 Create new ray object and add this to the gloabal data.

Private Attributes

 Global game data, data centered game system.
 Pointer to 3d vector builder.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file K3dRayBuild.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

K3dRayBuild::K3dRayBuild ( K3dGameData _pGameData  ) 


_pGameData Pointer to global game data
See also:

Definition at line 38 of file K3dRayBuild.cpp.

References K3dSceneData::GetVector3Build(), m_pGameData, m_pVector3Build, and K3dSceneData::SetRayBuild().

K3dRayBuild::~K3dRayBuild ( void   ) 

Definition at line 46 of file K3dRayBuild.cpp.

References DeleteRays().

Member Function Documentation

void K3dRayBuild::LoadRays (  ) 

Load rays from map file.

Definition at line 52 of file K3dRayBuild.cpp.

References K3dString::AddNumber(), CreateNewRayObj(), K3dSceneData::GetLua(), K3dString::GetString(), K_STR_DIRECT_X, K_STR_DIRECT_Y, K_STR_DIRECT_Z, K_STR_NAME, K_STR_NUM_RAYS, K_STR_ORIG_X, K_STR_ORIG_Y, K_STR_ORIG_Z, K_STR_RAY, K3dLua::LuaError(), K3dLua::LuaGetFieldNumber(), K3dLua::LuaGetFieldString(), K3dLua::LuaGetGlobal(), K3dLua::LuaIsNumber(), K3dLua::LuaIsTable(), K3dLua::LuaToNumber(), and m_pGameData.

Referenced by K3dMngGeometry::InitMngGeometry().

void K3dRayBuild::DeleteRays (  ) 

Definition at line 92 of file K3dRayBuild.cpp.

References K3dSafePointer< _T >::Delete(), K3dSafePointer< _T >::Get(), K3dSafePointer< _T >::GetNum(), K3dGameData::GetRayObjSP(), and m_pGameData.

Referenced by K3dMngGeometry::DeleteMngGeometry(), and ~K3dRayBuild().

K3dRayObj * K3dRayBuild::CreateNewRayObj (  ) 

Create new ray object and add this to the gloabal data.

Return values:
K3dVector3* New ray object

Definition at line 104 of file K3dRayBuild.cpp.

References K3dVector3Build::CreateNewVector3(), K3dRayObj::GetId(), K3dSafePointer< _T >::GetNum(), K3dGameData::GetRayObjSP(), m_pGameData, m_pVector3Build, K3dSafePointer< _T >::New(), K3dRay::SetDirection(), and K3dRay::SetOrigin().

Referenced by K3dAim::CreateAimRay(), and LoadRays().

Member Data Documentation

K3dGameData* K3dRayBuild::m_pGameData [private]

Global game data, data centered game system.

Reimplemented in K3dObjectBuild, K3dScene, K3dMngGeometry, and K3dMngSystem.

Definition at line 43 of file K3dRayBuild.h.

Referenced by CreateNewRayObj(), DeleteRays(), K3dRayBuild(), and LoadRays().

K3dVector3Build* K3dRayBuild::m_pVector3Build [private]

Pointer to 3d vector builder.

Definition at line 44 of file K3dRayBuild.h.

Referenced by CreateNewRayObj(), and K3dRayBuild().

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