K3dGui.h File Reference

#include <SDL/SDL.h>
#include <SDL/SDL_opengl.h>
#include <SDL/SDL_image.h>
#include <guichan.hpp>
#include <guichan/sdl.hpp>
#include <guichan/opengl.hpp>
#include <guichan/opengl/openglsdlimageloader.hpp>
#include <GL/gl.h>
#include <iostream>
#include "../System/K3dString.h"
#include "../Script/K3dLua.h"
#include "../System/GameData/K3dGameData.h"
#include "K3dGuiIcon.h"
#include "K3dGuiListModel.h"
#include "K3dGuiSlider.h"
#include "K3dGuiWindow.h"
#include "K3dGuiLabel.h"
#include "K3dGuiButton.h"
#include "K3dGuiImageFont.h"
#include "K3dGuiTextField.h"
#include "K3dGuiTextBox.h"
#include "K3dGuiScrollArea.h"
#include "K3dGuiListBox.h"
#include "K3dGuiDropDown.h"
#include "K3dGuiCheckBox.h"
#include "K3dGuiRadioButton.h"
#include "K3dGuiImage.h"
#include "K3dGuiContainer.h"

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class  K3dGui


typedef std::vector< K3dGuiWindow * > TGuiWindow
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiLabel * > TGuiLabel
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiIcon * > TGuiIcon
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiButton * > TGuiButton
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiImageFont * > TGuiFont
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiTextField * > TGuiTextField
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiTextBox * > TGuiTextBox
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiScrollArea * > TGuiScrollArea
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiListBox * > TGuiListBox
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiDropDown * > TGuiDropDown
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiCheckBox * > TGuiCheckBox
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiRadioButton * > TGuiRadioButton
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiSlider * > TGuiSlider
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiImage * > TGuiImage
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiContainer * > TGuiContainer
typedef std::vector< K3dGuiListModel * > TGuiListModelArray

Detailed Description

GUI interface

K3dEngine 1.0 - OpenGL Game Engine http://sourceforge.net/projects/kengine/

07.02.16 - First version

Definition in file K3dGui.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiButton*> TGuiButton

Definition at line 73 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiCheckBox*> TGuiCheckBox

Definition at line 80 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiContainer*> TGuiContainer

Definition at line 84 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiDropDown*> TGuiDropDown

Definition at line 79 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiImageFont*> TGuiFont

Definition at line 74 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiIcon*> TGuiIcon

Definition at line 72 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiImage*> TGuiImage

Definition at line 83 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiLabel*> TGuiLabel

Definition at line 71 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiListBox*> TGuiListBox

Definition at line 78 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiListModel*> TGuiListModelArray

Definition at line 85 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiRadioButton*> TGuiRadioButton

Definition at line 81 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiScrollArea*> TGuiScrollArea

Definition at line 77 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiSlider*> TGuiSlider

Definition at line 82 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiTextBox*> TGuiTextBox

Definition at line 76 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiTextField*> TGuiTextField

Definition at line 75 of file K3dGui.h.

typedef std::vector<K3dGuiWindow*> TGuiWindow

Definition at line 70 of file K3dGui.h.

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