Suse Linux 10.0

Katalog - CD organizer for the K Desktop Environment


Katalog we can download from

How create CD katalog in konqueror?

1. Right click on a CD folder show menu
2. Choose
Actions->Create Catalog

How to open Konqueror clicking on a katalog file ?

1. Right click on a katalog file -> menu Properties.
2. Click on the configuration icon beside the file type.
3. In the box "Application Preference Order" click on "Add ..."
4. Enter "katalog" in this box (or the name you prefer but not the name of an existing application), then click OK.
5. Now in the box "Application Preference Order" choose katalog and click on "Edit ..."
6. Go to tab "Application" and in "Command" type : konqueror katalog:%f
7. Click OK and you're done.

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