Calling non-static function from static funtion


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Compiler returns error if we calling from static function non-static function. Following example solving this problem.

We create simple class, which contains static function, non static function and static void pointer to some object.

class CClass
	static void *ms_pObject;	///< Void pointer to some object
	void NonStaticFunction();
	CClass ();
	static void StaticFunction();

Declare static pointer to some object in source file.

void *CClass::ms_pObject;	///< Void pointer to some object

Now in static function cast the void pointer to the class CClass and call by this class non-static function.

void CClass::StaticFunction()
	std::cout << "I try call non static function from static function..." << endl;
	// Cast the void pointer
	CClass *pSomeClass = (CClass*)ms_pObject; 
	// Try call non static function

void CClass::NonStaticFunction()
	std::cout << "Ok... Non static function now calling from static function ..." << endl;

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