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Subversion client for KDE
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We must intall following packages:

Checkout your project from

svn co yourproject
This is the top of the Subversion repository.

   yourproject/trunk/ ......... The latest development sources.  When people say
                    "Get the head of trunk", they mean the latest
                    revision of this directory tree.

   yourproject/branches/ ...... Various development branches.  Typically a branch
                    contains a complete copy of trunk/, even if the
                    changes are isolated to one subdirectory.  Note
                    that branch copies are generally removed after
                    they've been merged back into trunk, so what's in
                    branches/ now does not reflect all the branches
                    that have ever been created.

  yourproject/tags/ .......... Snapshots of releases.  As a general policy, we
                    don't change these after they're created; if
                    something needs to change, we move it to
                    branches and work on it there.

Subversion client for KDE

Subversion client for KDE is

Update, commit, add file (directory), delete file (directory), logs, difference between revisions ... all is very intuitive.

Create Branches, tags.

Branches and tags is created by copy.
1. Select project in trunk directory.
2. Select
Type for examle
for brach version 0.1
for tag version 0.1
3. Now we can modify some files in new branch

Alternatively we can use the konsole command:
svn copy trunk branches/yourproject_0_1 -m "I create new branch"
svn copy trunk tags/yourproject_0_1 -m "I create new tag"


If we will trasfer from our branch to trunk we select
and set
Source 1: trunk/yourproject
Source 2: branches/yourproject_0_1
Output to: trunk/yourproject
Start with revision: WORKING
Stop with revision: WORKING

Alternatively we can use the konsole command:
svn merge -r 1:COMMITTED branches/yourproject_0_1 trunk

Local subversion

Create new repository

svnadmin create /path/to/repos

Import project to repository

svn import /tmp/localproject file:///path/to/repos/svnroot-localproject -m "Initial import"

Checkout project from repository

In working directory, for example "/home/username/work/" write command:
svn co file:///path/to/repos/svnroot-localproject localproject
In working directory now created new directory "localproject"

Create normal directory infrastructure (trunk, tags, branches)

In "localproject" directory write commands:
svn mkdir trunk tags branches
svn commit -m "Create normal infrastructure"

CVS to Subversion

We must intall following packages:

Now we type to the console
cvs2svn -s file:///path/to/repos/svnroot-localproject CVSROOT
and checkout this project from subversion repository
svn co file:///path/to/repos/svnroot-localproject localproject


If command
svn update
output is error message like:
svn: Failed to add directory 'k3dengine': object of the same name is already scheduled for addition
we try to resolve
Subversion->Working copy->Revert current changes

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